From NEL to Olympic athletes, Sports Chiropractors are an integral part of their success.  Having The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic as your Official Sports Chiropractic team, your might will redouble. Just focus on winning, we remove the obstacles.


Choose Us As Your Official Sports Chiropractic Team!


WBA Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield (R) connects to the jaw of challenger Mike Tyson in the first round of their title fight June 28. Evander Holyfied retained his World Boxing Association heavyweight title on Saturday night when Mike Tyson was disqualified for biting Holyfield twice in the third round. SPORT BOXING

Whether you are optimizing your sports performance or coming back from an injury, The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic can help. Our Chiropractor, who also happens to be a Martial Arts champion, and a former Wushu National Coach for Youth Development, not only offers valuable insights as a medical specialist, but more importantly, understands what athletes have to go through to get to the top. Definitely a asset to your competition team.
Every athlete is unique, we provide customized treatments, focusing on four major components: joints, muscles, energetics, and nutrition.



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We offer:

  • Physicals for athletes
  • Evaluation of injuries during competitions
  • Sports injury management
  • Sports Chirporactic treatments for peak performance
  • Kinesio® Taping
  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Post Chiropractic Care – Diet and Exercises


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Up your game with The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic. Unleash your  potential using all holistic means, taking a natural non-pharmacological, non-surgical approach. Taking your body to the next level~



Choose Us As Your Official Sports Chiropractic Team!

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