Q&A Time With The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic

Q: How is The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic different from other Chiropractors, other medical practitioners?

We are all there to ease your pain but The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic goes beyond that, finding the root caused and providing prevention measures.

Starkly different from what you expect from usual Chiropractic clinics where treatments takes only about 10 minutes, at The Spine Whisperer, our Chiropractic treatment takes about 45 minutes. We go all the way to make sure all nitty-gritty details of the injury were taken care of.  You can sleep on it.

Incorporating TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques such as Tuina, The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic clinic brings you the best of both worlds. It is important for us to relieve your surrounding soft tissues and not just the muscles alone.

The Spine Whisperer believes in a holistic approach to health, offering pre and post therapy care. Healthy lifestyle habits from nutrition to exercises, we have experts you can rely on. Our Chiropractor, Mr Ling Kok Keng, has credentials like “Ex- National Team Member for Wushu” and “Former National Coach for Youth Development” under his belt is offering TaiChi lessons as Post Chiropractic Therapy Treatment. We believe you will experience not only  improvements not only in your pain levels, but also in  your quality of life.

Q: How can Chiropractic help me?

Chiropractors are considered a form of natural health practitioner or doctor. When a person is in need of rehabilitation, either after an accident, or just due to general misalignment (subluxations), chiropractic rehabilitation is recommended. It is common for other medical practitioners to relieve your symptoms, but that is not good enough.

The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic is different. We specialize in relieving the root of your discomforts, restoring strength, muscle tone, and other functionality to the body Its all about doing the best for you. Find out what can you expect from The Spine Whisperer Chiropractic Clinic.

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