Thila Jayaram

  Visiting Family in Singapore, I was introduced to Mr Ling by best friend Peggy to whom I told about my pain in my knees. For the next 4 weeks Mr Ling worked on my knees and my back. I left Singapore painfree and happy with the treatment. I will definitely visit him the next… Read More

Evan Koh

I have this pain at the back of my left leg torturing me for many years,  the pain comes after i sit or squat for more than 10 mins.  Have seen many TCM but nothing works. I told Master Ling my problems, he immediately tell me it got to do with my sleeping position. And… Read More

Lisa Lee

To: The Spine Whisperer Many thanks to my friends for recommending you to me. I’m happy to finally found the right treatment for my back pains. Cheers! ~ Lisa Lee

Tay Leh Wah

施妙术消灾去病, 掏诚心救死扶伤。 林国庆医师 妙手仁心 赞! ~ Tay Leh Wah

Sophie Wee

Thank you!! Coach Ling:) for healing my left ankle. LOL 9 岁 Sophie Wee (a 9 year-old) ~ Sophie Wee


仁心仁术, 惠我良多, 恩同再造, 永铭五内。 ~丽娟

Karen Tan

Thank you Coach Ling for treating my both knees. It’s a miracle result. Can walk without pain after only a few treatments. Thanks again. Best wishes and warmest regards. ~ Karen Tan